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Navigating through the formal landscapes of Portugal, whether you’re a local or a visitor, requires a valid ID card. At AllRealDocuments, we understand the pivotal role that an ID card plays in your daily transactions, travel, and access to various services. That’s why we offer a seamless solution for everyone looking to buy Portuguese ID card online. Our portal is not just another Portuguese ID card store; it’s a gateway to acquiring both real and fake ID cards tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. With a robust network of ID card suppliers and producers in Portugal, we ensure that every ID card for sale is crafted to perfection, embodying all the required security features.

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In the realm of authenticity and reliability, AllRealDocuments shines as the premier ID card maker in Portugal. Our commitment to providing genuine and authentic ID cards has established us as the preferred choice for individuals looking to buy Portuguese ID cards online legally. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every ID card we produce passes the highest standards of quality and security. Whether you need a real ID card for your official endeavors or seek the versatility a fake ID card offers, our portfolio is comprehensive, catering to all your needs under one roof.



When the question arises of how to buy an ID card in Portugal, AllRealDocuments leads the way in offering a streamlined, secure, and legally compliant process. Our expertise as an ID card supplier and producer in Portugal enables us to navigate the intricate pathways of legal and documentation requirements effortlessly.

Choosing the Right ID Card: Our diverse range of real and fake ID cards ensures that we have something for everyone. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a traveler in need of a secondary form of identification, our catalog is designed to meet your specific requirements.

Seamless Online Ordering: We’ve simplified the process to buy Portuguese ID card online. Through our user-friendly website, you can select the type of ID card you need, upload any necessary documents, and submit your order within minutes. Our team of experts takes over from there, crafting your ID card with precision and care.

Privacy and Security at Its Best: We understand the concerns that come with ordering ID cards online, especially when it involves sensitive personal information. Our platform is secured with advanced encryption, ensuring that your data remains confidential. Moreover, our discreet packaging and delivery service means that your ID card reaches you safely, without drawing any unwanted attention.

Unmatched Quality and Realism: Our ID cards stand out for their quality and realism. Whether you choose a real or a fake ID card, you’ll receive a product that features all the necessary security elements, from holograms to watermarks and UV features. This attention to detail makes our ID cards indistinguishable from those issued by official authorities.

Whether you’re pondering where to buy an ID card or how to buy an ID card in Portugal, AllRealDocuments stands as your reliable partner, offering an online platform that simplifies the legal purchase of ID cards in Portugal. Dive into the world of hassle-free ID card acquisition with us, where legitimacy meets convenience.


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